Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lesson on Inflation from Duck Tales

This is a great video to show the damaging effects of the Federal Reserve and Inflation.

Go to The Mises Institute to find free audio books, pdf books, articles and more about Austrian economics and free market capitalism.


  1. Inflation is only the beginning of our money issues. I am sick of hearing about government debt when I am busting my butt to work and still have money after taxes. Where is my tax money going? To those people that don't work? To members of the public sector? That's great and all, but when am I going to see the benefits of my tax money at work? If you've had enough, too, join us at the Free Enterprise Nation (http://www.TheFreeEntepriseNation.org)

  2. That was awesome. Duck Tales... what a walk down memory lane.